Einzigartig, das trifft es wohl. Ferner auch begnadet und umwerfend - praktisch alles, was die Österreicher und ihre dritte Platte hervorhebt. Man kann es nicht genug betonen. Keiner der 13 Songs gleicht dem anderen, Einfallsreichtum und Spielfreude ...  
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living in the past
has never worked for me.

forgetting the past,
my presence feels so free.

searching in my past,
dying to find solace.

whatever happened then,
I don't mind.

whatever was said,
it doesn't matter.

whatever mattered then,
I long forgot.

I'd like to say I didn't care.
I'd like to think it was all fair.

the waves are gliding over me,
everything passing away.

whatever mattered.
Whatever Mattered
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