Dennis...Wow,welch teaser. Obwohl ich eure Album schon unzählige Male gehört habe, bin ich immer noch gefesselt wie ein begeisterungsfähiges Kind. Ich war erst recht skeptisch.MIAB live. Ist so,als ob ich 10 Jahre Die drei ??? höre und plötzlich sehe ich die ...  
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living in the past
has never worked for me.

forgetting the past,
my presence feels so free.

searching in my past,
dying to find solace.

whatever happened then,
I don't mind.

whatever was said,
it doesn't matter.

whatever mattered then,
I long forgot.

I'd like to say I didn't care.
I'd like to think it was all fair.

the waves are gliding over me,
everything passing away.

whatever mattered.
Whatever Mattered
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