Tou­jours dans le re­gistre de lEBM sombre aux pa­roles tor­tu­rées et dé­pri­mantes, Ste­fan Poiss et Mar­kus Had­wi­ger, les membres de Mind In A Box, livrent 12 nou­veaux titres im­pres­sion­nants.
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and there I was, now all alone.
left by the wayside on my own.
standing still, bent down to my knees,
strangely feeling at ease.

and so it was that I came home,
from the tiny seed that all this had grown.
standing tall, thoughts free to roam,
knowing where they belong.

I had thought the chance long gone,
but now I felt this spark of hope.
my stride of life an easy lope,
so I would find a place all my own.

I had always heard this song,
and now I knew that it was hope
to live my dream to the fullest scope,
and in the end come into my own.

absorbed by the music
that leads the way

into this sanctuary,
into my sanctuary.
Sanctuary (club.mix)
  [crossroads] [moments] [sounds] [words] [visions] [minds] [things] [places] [emotions] [ordering]