Vorband heißt normalerweise: hol ma uns a Bier. Weil wegen der Vorband kommt meist nur deren Sängers Mutti zum Konzert, das restliche Publikum sieht sie eher als unvermeidbare Hinauszögerung des Hauptacts - im wohlwollenden Fall. Die Verlockung, lieb...  
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how could you let it come to this?
you gave me all that I will always miss.
how could you let it end like this?
now all I do is sit around and reminisce.

my life was full of things that were not really there.
crammed full of stuff to hide its emptiness.
then it all came down like this house of cards.
and all that stuff, it seemed to float away.

my world seemed fine but it was all just a big lie.
I believed it all and I did never even cry.
then I felt what I had never felt before.
and all I wanted was offer it all up to you.
Remember (club.mix)
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