Our first release was the song “Beyond the World (1m1 remix)“ on the “Septic IV“ sampler by dependent records. Another track called “Unicorn” was released on the “Aderlass Vol.2” compilation at about the same time as our debut album “Lost Alone”. We ...  
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  Introspection - Lyrics Available Songversions
two days ago I woke up underwater.
they were watching me from outside,
and somehow I now knew their names.
Night and the Friend just smiled at me,
and then the glass shattered.

I awoke in an empty flat that told me nothing,
and I knew that I had to get away.
White had tried to erase my identity,
but the Sleepwalkers had saved my mind.
  [crossroads] [moments] [sounds] [words] [visions] [minds] [things] [places] [emotions] [ordering]