Nach ihrem bahnbrechenden Erfolg mit dem Debüt „Lost Alone“ ist das kongeniale österreichische Duo Hadwiger/Poiss alias Mind.In.A.Box. in aller Munde und als Revolutionäre der elektronischen Klangkunst gefeiert. Der Druck wuchs damit an, ein adäquate...  
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my sleeping had become restless.
I was now dreaming all the time.
dark sounds and images were haunting me, unsettling me.
there were many things from my past.

most of what I saw and heard I didn't understand.
but they were not only dreams, they were somehow more real...
I felt followed.
again I had fallen asleep with my headphones on.

the doorbell. it pulled me from my dreams.
I dragged myself to the door.
someone had left a tape on the doorstep.

in my head.
in my head.
i can feel them,
in my head.
Tape Evidence
  [crossroads] [moments] [sounds] [words] [visions] [minds] [things] [places] [emotions] [ordering]