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September 7, 11:19pm
we haven't made any progress since he disappeared eight months ago.
there's no trace at all, he's switched over completely.
we are looking for her now. she knows how to get there.

October 19, 7:23pm
finally some headway. we know where to find her Friday night.
White does not know the informant's identity, but he believes
the information is accurate.

October 22, 11:24pm
taking up position at the club.
we have to locate her tonight.

October 23, 5:18am
just woke up in the gutter, somebody must have dumped me here.
the connection to White is all static. no idea what is going on.
I've never felt anything like in that club.

October 23, 5:42am
just saw White. he got a tape from a guy that was in the club.
he should not be here at all, and the connection is still broken.
what the hell is going on?
what does he know about the Dreamweb?

October 23, 6:32am
at home. dropping dead now.

October 23, 7:24am
I cannot get the music out of my head, it is still there.
when I close my eyes I feel like I'm still in that club.

deep sleep is taking me,
I can feel my hurts dissolve.
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