To give you a taste of the upcoming debut album Lost Alone (street dates: 06/01/04 in Europe, and 06/08/04 in North America), the tracks Walking and Lost Alone 2 are now available online as full-length mp3s! Head on over to the d...  
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03/26/15: Music video "Timelessness"
Some days after the release of their 6th studio album "Memories", releases a brand new music video for the song "Timelessness".

Watch the video here

Enjoy, share it, spread the word!
Get your copy of the album "Memories" at:

Music Video produced by Dogfella Studio

Director: Paris Seawell
Girl: Dandan Liu
Man: Hugo Nicolau

03/20/15: "Memories" released
Our sixth album "Memories" is released and should be in the stores now.
We collected some pages for online-orderings here.

If you are located in europe you can order the CD also in our own merchandise-onlinestore.


02/19/15: Music video "Synchronize"
About one month before the release of their forthcoming new album "Memories", releases a first glimpse what you can expect from their new work.
The Music Video for the song "Synchronize" was produced by Lost Boys Studio (, directed, lit and cut by Duncan Catterall.

Watch the video here "Memories"
Out on 20th March 2015

01/17/15: New album “Memories” / Teaser
„Attempt number two-hundred-eight“, White hears the voice of the mechanic say.
The cameras are recording. The contraption is humming along. The machine automatically inserts the tubes into the arteries of the man. The needles are piercing his skin, entering deep into his flesh. His eyes contort. Within the blink of an eye the icy cold blue liquid floods his body like an arctic shock. Cold vapor is billowing out of his mouth. His pupils are changing.
This horrific gaze!
White will never get used to it.
The mechanic is regulating the flux with the synchronizer. White thought that all of this should have been much easier. That night, when Black escaped, the Agency guys had caught the frequency with the detector. They had analyzed the sequence for days, but it was useless.
What good was a frequency that opens a door to the Dreamweb, if you didn’t know how to synchronize with it?

the story continues...

Out on 20th March 2015


01. Travel Guide
02. I Knew
03. Unforgiving World
04. No Hope
05. Synchronize
06. Bad Dreams
07. Silent Pain
08. Timelessness
09. Face It
10. Up There
11. Pedro
12. Shake-Up
13. 5nchr0ni7e

Pre-Order Europe here

Pre-Order USA here

Watch the teaser-video here

03/04/14: THYX, new album, pre-listening teaser
THYX, the side-project from mastermind stev released an 8min long pre-listening teaser for the forthcoming new album "Super Vision".
The release date is on 25th March.

Pre-Order Europe here
Pre-Order @Poponaut here
Pre-Order USA here

Watch the snippet-video here

03/03/14: New remix!
We remixed the song "Precious Paradise" for Mental Discipline's forthcoming single "Butterfly". Really loved also the original version of the song. Check it out guys! Pre-orderings are running here

A teaser you can watch here.

02/25/14: New music video "Robots Don't Lie" by THYX.
There is a new music video out by THYX. If you like vocoders and painted videos have a look HERE

The song is taken from the forthcoming album "Super Vision". Which will be released on 25th March 2014.
Thyxmusic Homepage

05/14/13: Side project "THYX - Below The City" released
Today is the releasdate of THYX - Below The City, the second album of THYX.
THYX is an electronic side-project from mastermind Stefan Poiss.

You can download or order a physical CD directly on their own bandshop at thyxmusic-store

12/04/12: & Ray Koefoed - "World Without A Sky"
The gaming guru Ray Koefoed and mastermind Stefan Poiss were working together on a music video based on the famous video game Portal 2, which will be part of the Machinima Interactive Film Festival that started on 1st December 2012.

The song itself is a futuristic mix of rap, futurepop and the typical vocoder vocals.
Only available on all major mp3 music stores!

You can watch the video here

11/06/12: Project "Tape Evidence". The result!
Project Tape Evidence is finished.
What was this all about?
The idea behind this project was to collect sounds from the fans of and THYX and create an entirely new song with them.
Everything you hear in this video is from the fans...except the voice from stev.

Thank's to everbody who was involved! Big thanks to Justin Arnold for the video.

THYX - Project Tape Evidence

07/10/12: Project "Tape Evidence" and THYX are starting a new experiment!

A lot of bands out there making remix contests. A band is uploading a
remixkit from a song and Fans can give it a try.
So far as this is known. Miab and THYX thought one step further.
What would be if the Fans itself would be the middle of a song?
What would be if not miab or THYX give the Fans their sound stuff but the
opposite? The Fans give their sound the band!

Mastermind Stefan Poiss thought about this idea and he will try now to produce a song from sounds created by his Fans or whatever the Fans will sent him.
A never ending cycle. Music which inspires Fans --> Fans producing sounds --> sounds will be music again
Will this idea finally work? No one knows but the project has started and it is called "Tape Evidence".

This song which will be born from the community and will finally be free for download with all credits of the people who will be involved.
We are all curious how this will end.
You're welcome to be part of the project Tape Evidence. It will be guided from the THYX facebook page. -->
You can send your own sounds with your credits directly to

06/11/12: "Second Reality" live visual on youtube
Last weekend we've uploaded our live visual from Second Reality on youtube.
you can watch the video here

You need some time for this...the duration is about 8min.

05/22/12: side project "THYX - The Way Home" released
Today is the releasdate of THYX - The Way Home, the first album of THYX.
THYX is an electronic side-project from mastermind Stefan Poiss.

You can download or order a physical CD directly on their own bandshop at thyxmusic-store

03/06/12: "Revelations" 5 weeks at number 1 of the German Alternative Charts (DAC)
Big success for "Revelations" and "Revelations club.mixes".

After 7 weeks in the DAC we could equalize our chart record established with our first album "Lost Alone" 8 years ago.
Big thanks to all DJ's out there who voted for us!!

Our "Revelations club.mixes" EP, which will be released this Friday 9th March, jumped also to position 1 in the DAC single-charts.

02/13/12: "Revelations club.mixes" Video Teaser and tracklist online
We've uploaded a new video teaser with snippets from our forthcoming CD "Revelations club.mixes".

Revelations club.mixes - Teaser

Special thanks again to Martin Willner and his crew!

1. Control (club.mix) 122 BPM
2. Cause and Effect (club.mix) 132 BPM
3. Remember (club.mix) 166/83 BPM
4. Unknown (club.mix) 137 BPM
5. Sanctuary (club.mix) 140 BPM

Out on 9th March 2012 - Europe and 13th March 2012 - World.
Pre-orderings are running.

01/24/12: "Revelations" released
Our fifth album "Revelations" is released and should be in the stores now.
We collected some pages for online-orderings here.

If you are located in europe you can order the CD also in our own merchandise-onlinestore.

We hope you'll like it.

12/22/11: "Revelations" Video Teaser online
We've uploaded a new video teaser with snippets from our forthcoming album "Revelations".

...the story continues.


Special thanks to Martin Willner and his crew who made this video for us. Thx Martin!
Pictures by Natalia Nortje

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!
May the force be with you!

10/31/11: Fifth album "Revelations" in January 2012 and new label!
The fifth album will be called "Revelations".
"Revelations" will be released in Europe on January 20, 2012 by the new label Dreamweb Music and in North America on 24th January by Metropolis Records.
Pre-sale has started.

The tracklist is:

01 - Remember
02 - Cause and Effect
03 - Transition
04 - Doubt
05 - Control
06 - Fragments
07 - Unknown
08 - Not Afraid
09 - Second Reality
10 - Sanctuary

adding up to a total playing time of 58:19.

10/22/11: merchandise store is online
We are glad to open our own small online store with and THYX merchandise.
In the future we want to make some more special merch stuff like our hand made dreamweb pillow so please stay tuned.
At the moment there are also 3 free mp3 loops made by stev to download.

You can find the store under the "official shirts" button on the left side here on this page or just click here --> Shop

09/17/11: miab live season 1 - this was it
"We have now ended our live season 1, what took about 5 Years now from the very first rehearsals to our last gig at the infest in UK last month. And we are really happy to end it in a big climax in Bradford..."

Read the whole story from our bass player Roman on facebook.
Thanks a lot Roman!

07/01/11: Whatever Mattered Live.Cut Video officially released
Yesterday we've uploaded this musicvideo from the song "Whatever Mattered".
It was especially made for the R.E.T.R.O album buyers and was only available in our hidden area. The recording is quite different than the original album version because we tried to make a more rough live version from the song with additional drums, bass, guitars in it. Also the vocals were recorded only with live-euipement.
Finally we decided to upload this small video for the rest of the world.
We hope you'll like it.

04/04/11: ...for remembering the tour last year
Some impressions from the great tour we had last year with FLA.
Thanks a lot guys!

03/22/11: Debut single release for sideproject "THYX"
The first single from Stefan Poiss sideproject "THYX" is available now.
The single is called "Into the Realm" and can be downloaded at most of
the download stores out there like itunes, amazon,...
A snippet from this single is also running on the THYX webpage.
We hope you'll like it.

01/20/11: new music project "THYX" mastermind stev started a new music project called THYX.
At you can listen to a first snippet of stev's more "experimental electronic" music-project.

08/20/10: on tour with Front Line Assembly
We are very happy to announce that this October, will support the European tour of Front Line Assembly.

To see all confirmed dates please take a look at our homepage.
Hope to see you there!

06/07/10: New collaborative song "With You"
"With You" is a new song that is the result of a collaboration between plainveil and Check it out here.

04/05/10: First gig in Germany
Next Sunday, April 11, will be playing their first live gig in Germany at Metropolis / Elektro Agenda Festival, Munich. Also playing there that evening: Kontrast and Suicide Booth.
We hope to see you all there! Happy Easter!

03/11/10: 8 Bits video online
In the end we decided we'll actually dare to put our completely crazy "8 Bits" video online. Enjoy! :)

8 Bits on Vimeo
8 Bits on Youtube

01/26/10: New R.E.T.R.O interview
There is a new interview about R.E.T.R.O at Connexion Bizarre by Joshua Kreger.

01/26/10: Russian fanpage with new design
Check out Natalia's Russian fanpage with a really cool new design. We have the best fans in the world. Thank you!
Design by nClaire

01/20/10: Snippets from "R.E.T.R.O" online
You can now listen to some snippets from our forthcoming album "R.E.T.R.O" on the homepage. Enjoy!

01/10/10: "R.E.T.R.O" North American release date
The upcoming album "R.E.T.R.O" will be released in North America on March 9, 2010, on metropolis records.

12/28/09: "R.E.T.R.O" release date and tracklist
The new album "R.E.T.R.O" will be released in Europe by dependent records on February 26, 2010. We hope you will enjoy this journey into the past as much as we did!

The tracklist is:

01 - Last Ninja 3
02 - Lightforce
03 - The Last V8
04 - Supremacy
05 - Shades
06 - 8 Bits
07 - Mindkiller
08 - The Last Ninja
09 - I Love 64
10 - We Cannot Go Back To The Past
11 - Whatever Mattered

The total playing time is 54:02.

12/09/09: New album in February
This February will see the release of a new album called "R.E.T.R.O".
An homage to the era of the Commodore 64 and 1980s video games, the album will even include a few cover versions of cult classics.
Stay tuned.

12/09/09: Remix for The Rabid Whole
There is a new miab remix for the canadian band "The Rabid Whole" which is released on their debut album "Autraumaton" (european version). The song is called "My Love, My Blood ( remix)"

11/19/09: New interview
There is a new - Interview at by Joshua Kreger.

10/05/09: Remix for Left Spine Down
I've done a remix for the band Left Spine Down.
You can listen to the remix of their song "Policy of Hypocrisy" at their myspace page.

Hope you'll like it.


09/25/09: Interview with Release Magazine at Arvika
A few hours before our show at Arvika, we met with Johan Carlsson from Release Magazine for an interview. You can read the interview here.

Release Music Magazine

09/12/09: radio stream
For everyone who would like to hear live but didn't have the opportunity up to now, on September 14 the Swedish radio station p3 will broadcast their recording of the miab arvika gig, which will also be available as Internet stream. Enjoy!

news edited on 2009.09.15: stream-link updated!

08/31/09: Special live gig in Montreal/Canada
There will be a special live gig in Montreal/Canada on September 5, 8pm, in the really beautiful "Telus Theatre".

Other bands on stage: "Glenn Love" and "Interface".

Hope to see you there!

05/20/09: Two live specials in Vienna
On May 29, will play live in the legendary Cabaret Fledermaus in Vienna. About a month later, on June 26, the Viper Room Vienna will host another possibility to see miab live. Hope to see you there!

04/01/09: " goes live" clip
Since we have confirmed the first live show date for Arvika Festival in Sweden
this summer, we thought we would give you a little sneak peek at what's coming up in future live

You can watch the teaser here:
lores version:@ Youtube
highres version:@ Vimeo

The clip contains a live cut of a new miab song called "remember".

02/20/09: live band at arvika festival in july 2009
We've got a lot of mails in the past of people asking, when miab will be playing live.
Finally, here is the answer.
Our first confirmed live show will be between 2nd and 4th of july at Arvika Festival in sweden.
We worked quite a while to make this possible, so we hope you will have a great time with us there.
Stay tuned for more live dates announcements.

11/02/08: Demo video clip with "Light&Dark"
We have made a short demo video clip that features the character "Black" and music clips from the track Light & Dark. We hope you'll enjoy! We will be doing more of this in the future, so stay tuned.

The clip is available here: "Light&Dark" demo cut @ Youtube (low-quality) "Light&Dark" demo cut @ Vimeo (high-quality)

09/13/08: New track by @Vx featuring has contributed vocals to the song "Transformation" of the French project @Vx. Stev of liked the ethereal music of @Vx so much that he wanted to do vocals for the originally purely instrumental track. The song is available for listening on the Myspace page of @VX.

@Vx feat. - "Transformation"
music by @VX
lyrics by Internal Dementia
vocals by

01/23/08: Free remix and a tribute to Rob Hubbard
As long-standing computer game enthusiasts and fans of the Commodore 64, we have remixed a song of the legendary C64 composer Rob Hubbard. The song is called "Lightforce" and available as free download. Enjoy!

01/12/08: Massiv in Mensch remix of "Dead End"
Massiv in Mensch have done a very nice remix of the song "Dead End". It is available in the "things" section, go check it out!

12/08/07: "What Used To Be" single leading the German Alternative Charts DAC!
The "What Used To Be" single from the third album "Crossroads" has just climbed to the number 1 spot in the German Alternative Charts (DAC), which makes us really happy! Originally limited to club promotion, a limited number of copies will also be available via selected mailorders, starting December 14 (see Sounds/Ordering). Thanks so much to all the DJs and all of you for the truly wonderful support!

10/05/07: special and interview on Radio Lora
Radio Lora (LORA Muenchen, UKW 92,4) will be running a special including a German interview with us on October 10, from 10pm to midnight (GMT+1.00h).
Broadcast "Subverve" ( Internet livestream at

09/26/07: in Project Gotham Racing 4 (XBOX 360)
The song "Identity" from our third album "Crossroads" is included in the official soundtrack of the upcoming XBOX 360 video game "Project Gotham Racing 4" by Bizarre Creations/Microsoft Game Studios.

08/25/07: "Crossroads" prelistening and interview on Radio Electrowahn
Radio Electrowahn will be running a special feature on our latest album "Crossroads" on August 28, from 9pm to 11pm (GMT+1.00h), including an interview with us (in German) and ample chance to listen to tracks from Crossroads before it will officially be released in Europe on August 31.

08/14/07: Major web site update for Crossroads!
The official web site has been updated with lots of new material for the upcoming release of our third album "Crossroads". There are teasers of six tracks on the home page, new wall papers and promotional art, and lots of other new stuff and fine tuning. Enjoy exploring!

06/28/07: "Crossroads" release dates
The third album "Crossroads" will be released on August 31, 2007 in Europe on dependent records, and September 25, 2007 in North America on metropolis records.


06/23/07: "Crossroads" tracklist
It's done! We've finished the master of the third album "Crossroads" that will be released in August. We'll post definite release dates for Europe and North America shortly.

Crossroads takes up right after Dreamweb and will include an extensive booklet with story elements written by Andreas Gruber. We're very happy with Crossroads and hope you'll enjoy it too!

The tracklist is:

01 - Introspection
02 - Amnesia
03 - Into the Night
04 - Identity
05 - Lucid Dreams 1
06 - Fear
07 - Stalkers
08 - What Used to Be
09 - The Place
10 - Redefined
11 - Lucid Dreams 2
12 - Crossroads
13 - Run for Your Life

adding up to a total playing time of 65:48.

04/01/07: Track from "Crossroads" on Septic VII
The new Septic VII compilation by dependent records includes the new track "Stalkers" from the upcoming album "Crossroads".

04/01/07: Third album "Crossroads" in August 2007!
The third album will be called "Crossroads". The release is scheduled for August 2007. This is not an April Fool's joke, so stay tuned! :-)

02/26/07: in Crackdown (XBOX 360)
The song "Questions" is included in the official soundtrack of the XBOX 360 video game "Crackdown" by realtime worlds/Microsoft Game Studios.

01/30/07: "Give Me My Life" on Dependence 2
The track "Give Me My Life" is included on the "Dependence Volume 2" compilation by Dependent Records, which has just been released and gives a very nice overview of dependent's artist roster.

03/08/06: New track and new remix
The original score of the movie "SAW II" contains the bonus CD "The Unofficial Score inspired by SAW II" with the exclusive new miab track "The Game (introspection)". The also previously unreleased "space.mix" of "Lament for Lost Dreams" from the album Dreamweb is included on the new "Septic VI" compilation by dependent records.

12/27/05: in Project Gotham Racing 3 (XBOX 360)
The song "Walking" is included in the official soundtrack of the XBOX 360 video game "Project Gotham Racing 3" by Bizarre Creations/Microsoft Game Studios.

12/27/05: T-shirt sizes T-shirts are now available in additional sizes: XXL for the really huge miab fans, and more girlie sizes (S, M, L). Depending on shirt size the print is in silver or white.

09/27/05: Site update
There are a few new things to discover at, including links to interviews and reviews, and fan art. The head also has some things to say :)

08/11/05: "Dreamweb" charts summary: eight weeks in the top three of the DAC!
We are very proud and happy that the second album "Dreamweb" stayed in the top three of the German Alternative Charts (DAC) for the entire duration of eight weeks, and it even spent five weeks at number 2! The single "Certainty" also climbed up to number 3 in the DAC. Other notable chart appearances are the Nordic Alternative Charts, where both "Dreamweb" and "Certainty" are currently at 3, and the Dutch Underground Charts, where "Certainty" is currently at number 5. Thanks so much to all of you out there for the tremendous support!

08/03/05: Pics from Dreamweb party
It was really hot, but there was an incredible number of people and everyone was having a terrific time. Thanks so much to our friends from and a phenomenal audience! Thanks also to the Vienna authorities who were very understanding :) There are some pics online in the "minds" section. Enjoy, and see you in the Dreamweb!

07/29/05: Official T-shirts available
Lots of people have been asking for miab T-shirts, and we are happy to announce that you can now order official T-shirts and girlies at the store. If you want to support us and look cool in a miab shirt, go there, and enjoy!

07/12/05: Dreamweb party in Club Massiv/Vienna on July 30
Together with our friends from we are inviting for a Schwarzflug vs. Dreamweb special on July 30, in Club Massiv in Vienna. Stev of will be DJing alongside the folks from Schwarzes Wien. See you there, enjoy and enter the Dreamweb!

06/15/05: "Dreamweb" enters the German Alternative Charts (DAC) at number 2!
This week the second album "Dreamweb" has entered the DAC (German Alternative Charts), and it did so right away at number two! This and all the wonderful feedback the album is receiving all over make us very very happy, thanks so much for all the support to all of you out there!

05/23/05: Exclusive full-length track from "Dreamweb"
The second album "Dreamweb" will be released in one week, and we have just put up the track "Between Worlds" as an appetizer. Enjoy!

04/03/05: "Dreamweb" coming soon!
The second album "Dreamweb" is done and will be released in Europe on dependent records on May 30, 2005! The release date for North America is June 7, 2005 on metropolis records.

Dreamweb continues where Lost Alone left off, and we're very happy with how it has turned out.

The tracklist is:

01 - Tape Evidence
02 - Certainty
03 - Lament for Lost Dreams
04 - Machine Run
05 - Loyalty
06 - Sun and Storm
07 - Out of Time
08 - Dead End
09 - The Dream
10 - Reflections
11 - Between Worlds
12 - Escape

adding up to a total playing time of 63:47.

03/02/05: "Certainty" release dates
The "Certainty" single from the forthcoming album "Dreamweb" will be released as part of the "Dependent Club Invasion II" box by dependent records on April 25, 2005. This three-single box will also contain singles by Rotersand and Stromkern. The stand-alone single "Certainty" will then be released by dependent records on May 17, 2005.

03/02/05: "Sun and Storm" on Septic V
The track "Sun and Storm" from the forthcoming album "Dreamweb" is included on the Septic V compilation by dependent records, which is available in stores since 02/28/2005.

03/02/05: remix of "Fallen Angel" (L'ame Immortelle)
"Fallen Angel", the latest single by L'ame Immortelle from the album "Gezeiten" contains an ambient-electro remix by

01/06/05: New album and single in 2005!
The second album will be called "Dreamweb". The release date hasn't been fixed yet, but we are planning on a release in the first half of 2005. "Dreamweb" will pick up where "Lost Alone" left off, and we are currently in the process of selecting a single to precede the album release. We are planning for the single release in March 2005.

12/12/04: DJing at xmas-special
Stev of will DJ at the xmas-special of in Club Massiv, Vienna on December 18. If you are living in the area, we would be happy to see you there!

10/27/04: "Questions (scorch.mix)" on Dependence compilation
The previously unreleased "scorch.mix" remix of the track "Questions" from the album "Lost Alone" is included on the Dependence compilation by dependent records.

10/24/04: guest book now offers a guest book in the "emotions" section. Please feel free to drop us and fellow visitors a line!

10/19/04: provides music for theater play
The latest play by Vienna theater group "Popcorntheater" is called "Die Gerechten" and will feature music by The premiere will take place on November 6 at the Urania in Vienna. The play is based on original material by Albert Camus, transformed into the year 2072.

08/19/04: short story
The world of is intricate and complex, but up to now we have only revealed a little bit of it in our lyrics. We like the thought that everyone listening to "Lost Alone" projects different images of in their own mind. We want to convey emotions and feelings that transcend the underlying stories and concepts.

Christiane Bongertz has written a very nice short story inspired by the world of, the first three parts of which have been published in the German Orkus magazine. They are now also available online (in the "minds" section), and subsequent parts will also be posted here. The original story is in German, but translations will be available in the future.

08/17/04: "Lost Alone" DAC summary: five weeks the number one!
We are really happy that "Lost Alone" occupied the number one position in the DAC album charts for five weeks in a row! In the last week before the mandatory drop-out after eight weeks it was still holding position three. Thanks so much to everyone out there!

All eight positions of "Lost Alone" in the DAC charts were: 7, 4, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 3 (weeks 24-31).

That's hard to beat with the second album :) but it gives us a lot of motivation, and we're already working on new material!

07/01/04: "Lost Alone" still the number 1 of the German Alternative Charts (DAC)!
After climbing to the top of the German Alternative Charts (DAC) in calendar week 26 (06/21/2004), the debut album "Lost Alone" is still holding its number 1 position for the third week in a row (calendar weeks 26, 27, and 28: 07/05/2004)!!!

06/30/04: Pictures from "Lost Alone" release party on June 26
The "minds" section now contains pictures from the "Lost Alone" album release party on June 26 in the Monastery/Vienna.

06/15/04: "Lost Alone" is the number 1 of the German Alternative Charts (DAC)!
The debut album "Lost Alone" is holding the number 1 album position of the German Alternative Charts (DAC) in the third week after its release (calendar week 26: 06/21/2004)!!!

06/14/04: release party in the Monastery/Vienna on June 26
The Monastery in Vienna ( will be throwing a release party for "Lost Alone" on the 26th of June! DJ D.A.V.E. and DJ META will be playing lots of good music, and there are five free albums to give away! If you are living in the area we hope to see you there!!

06/01/04: Unreleased tracks with code from "Lost Alone"
For all buyers of "Lost Alone", careful perusal of the booklet will yield a code to give you access to two unreleased versions of the track "Lost Alone" and other material behind the flashing green light.

05/30/04: Third full-length track from "Lost Alone" available for download
If you are/were at the WGT this weekend, the flyers contain a code for a third full-length track from the debut album "Lost Alone"! Code entry behind the flashing green light.

05/19/04: Two full-length tracks from "Lost Alone" available for download
To give you a taste of the upcoming debut album "Lost Alone" (street dates: 06/01/04 in Europe, and 06/08/04 in North America), the tracks "Walking" and "Lost Alone 2" are now available online as full-length mp3s! Head on over to the download area ("things")!

04/10/04: Release dates and tracklist for "Lost Alone"
The release dates for the debut album "Lost Alone" are 06/01/04 on Dependent Records (Europe) and 06/08/04 on Metropolis Records (North America).

01 - Light & Dark
02 - Change
03 - Falling
04 - You Will See
05 - Questions
06 - Waiting
07 - Lost Alone
08 - Walking
09 - Take My Soul
10 - Forever Gone
11 - Lost Alone 2
12 - Leave

We will release one of the album tracks as full-length mp3 on in the next couple of weeks.

02/13/04: Exclusive Internet track "Give Me My Life" available
The download area ("things") now offers an Internet-exclusive track: "Give Me My Life". It's also the background music of this website.

02/09/04: First album release scheduled for April 2004
The first album "Lost Alone" is scheduled for a release on dependent records in April 2004. Exact release date TBA.

02/09/04: "Beyond the World" remix on Septic IV
A remix of the track "Beyond the World" (unreleased) is included on the Septic IV compilation by dependent records, which is available in stores since 01/26/2004.

02/09/04: goes live
The official "" website has gone live.
Please feel free to browse and let us know what you think.

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